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You can use plasma systems in a wide thickness range of the cut material from 0.5 up to 160 mm. We rely on the experience of world-renowned manufacturers of HyperthermKjellbergFormicaSPI Lasers and IPG Photonics plasma and laser systems.

Plasma is a less expensive alternative to laser technology. The latest plasma systems achieve a superior perpendicularity of the cut, high speed and a perfect clean cut, free of dross. All at a much lower cost in quality, which is comparable to laser technology.

Laser cutting is compared to plasma more accurate, the cut is smooth and the cutting surfaces doesn´t need to be subsequently machined. The cutting machines, which use laser for thermal cutting of materials, are suitable for cutting various types of metallic and non-metallic materials (e.g. all kinds of steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, cork, mica plates, corrugated cardboard, polyethylene foam and others).


Vanad dla Ciebie

Jesteśmy czeskim producentem wysokiej wydajności maszyn sterowanych  CNC. Oprócz kompletny technologii cięcia, dla Ciebie mamy również solidnośćszybka serwis CNC Maszyny do cięcia i źródła plazmy.


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