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Even designers had to change their thinking due to the laser

Vanad cooperates with a wide range of manufacturing plants in the Czech Republic and abroad. One of our customers is KROMEXIM Products spol. s r.o.

Under the Operational Program "Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness", the company (with the financial support of the European Union) is implementing the project "New Technologies for KROMEXIM Products spol. s r. o.", aimed at acquiring three new production units.

The first of the new worksites contains the Vanad KOMPAKT Laser CNC machine for shape cutting of materials, fitted with 2 kW fiber laser, hydraulically exchangeable material grids, and additional RotCUT device for shape cutting into tubes and profiles. The machine is equipped with an operating system from the Austrian company B&R Automation.

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser

Company KROMEXIM Products spol. s r.o. specializes in the production of data and power cabinets and accessories to them. It also manufactures industrial furniture and wardrobes. The beginnings of the company's history date back to the 1970s.

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser has been in operation for less than a year. We asked Radek Hoza, the director of the Kroměříž division, if the new machine meets their expectations.

Mr. Hoza, what are your first experiences with the new laser machine?

"New technology has influenced the whole company, from designers to dealers. They must be able to offer technical possibilities, which the company gained thanks to the laser. The laser is actually part of a continuous spiral. Operators are still learning, switching from our classical machines to new technology, and the production manager is learning too. Laser is a technology we were not accustomed to using, for which even our designers were not used to preparing drawings. The implementation of the laser into production means that people have to start thinking differently at the drawing stage already, as the product is technically designed differently. It is a big change. And this change brings many advantages."

How would you evaluate the operation of the Vanad laser?

"The control is intuitive to some extent, and it was partly adapted to our requirements. Two operators plus the production manager have been trained. It is an interesting work for them, an extension of their technical skills, and compared to the existing mechanical machines - punching machines – there is no noise. The laser machine was placed in a newly renovated hall, so they work in a comfortable environment."

How often do you use the machine?

"Ten hours a day, about one and a quarter shifts."

Which materials and what thicknesses do you mainly cut on the machine?

"We cut stainless steel components 1-2 mm thick, mild steel (1 - 6 mm) and galvanized steel up to 2.5 mm. We do not need thicker."

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser Cutting on the Vanad KOMPAKT Laser

On your request the KOMPAKT Laser was supplemented with the additional RotCUT device for cutting into tubes and profiles. How do you intend to use this device?

"The rotator in the laser enables us to diversify our production and to offer more products. As soon as we get to know the possibilities which laser technology allows we can offer shape cutting into tubes and profiles to companies in the form of custom manufacturing, this will be the second step."

Was it important for you that Vanad offers so-called remote maintenance on the machine?  Some companies worry about it. What is your opinion?

"It was one of our conditions when choosing a machine supplier. Remote maintenance is important; when there is a problem, we do not have to wait for a service technician to arrive from another end of the republic. At the same time, all diagnostic operations (such as checking the machine settings, updating software and technology tables, downloading machine diagnostic files, etc.) can be performed at a distance; this saves a lot of time."

The delivery of the laser cutting station was implemented on a turnkey basis. Vanad also supplied a filter unit, a compressor for cutting with the compressed air and a suspension crane system with a vacuum lifter. Why did you choose this way of manipulation with material?

"Without a manipulator, material handling is not possible. The operator does not have to lift heavy loads.We required some physical condition for the operator of the punches. Thanks to the manipulator, even a female operator is not excluded."

And do you have any women who can work on your laser?

"We have one."

KOMPAKT Laser with a crane Vanad KOMPAKT Laser

 Vanad KOMPAKT Laser helps increase production efficiency and improve product quality.

What is the greatest contribution of the CNC Vanad KOMPAKT Laser for your business?

"Our company has decided to purchase a laser cutting station to start making more sophisticated products, streamline existing production processes, and improve product quality. The components which we formerly outsourced from subcontractors are cut by ourselves. The new technology allows us to diversify the production. Thanks to the laser, we have the ability to cut out more complicated holes, it opens up space for a new range of products, and we do not have to wait for supplies of cooperative parts. Laser saves time that we can use in other ways."

What was the main reason for buying a laser cutting machine exactly from Vanad?

"Vanad fulfilled all the required technical parameters, the basic standard equipment of the KOMPAKT Laser was extended according to our requirements for automatic cleaning of the cutting head nozzle as well as other devices enabling the operator to control the cutting workplace more easily. The manufacturer also offered a rotator and a good price. Communication with company representatives is very flexible, feedback happens in turn."

Links to the Vanad KOMPAKT Laser CNC machine and the production program of KROMEXIM Products spol. s r.o.

Suspension crane system with a vacuum lifter Vacuum lifter Final product of the company Final product of the company

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