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Company Vanad 2000 a.s. is producer of modern highly efficient CNC machines for sheet metal shape cutting by means of oxygen and the most recent plasma technologies. The production tradition and know-how of our cutting machines follows 40 years history of producing flame cutting machines in former Czechoslovakia.

We use our own resources to develop original software and construction paying attention to high quality of the machines. We are an authorized partner of recognized suppliers specializing in technologies for thermal cutting of material. Our vision is to be a leading supplier of comprehensive solutions regarding the sheet metal processing whilst
maintaining individual approach to our customers.

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Michaela Jonová, DiS.            
Foregin director comercial

Telefon: +420 569 400 440
gsm: +420 736 755 432
Fax: +420 569 400 444

Martin Miøátský
Foregin director comercial

gsm: +420 737 920 465
Fax: +420 569 400 444



Vanad para usted

Junto con la más alta tecnología en máquinas CNC de oxicorte y corte plasma, damos un servicio rápido y fiable para las máquinas CNC de corte por plasma y sistemas lás.


Vanad 2000 a.s.
gsm: + 420 569 400 411

gsm: +420 603 287 860

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