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Interview with producer of world brand SPIDER

Czech company DVORAK – svahove sekacky Ltd. was founded in 2004 by Mr. Lubomír Dvoøák. The unique radio controlled slope mower Spider is the dominant product of the company.

The patented drive system "dance step" ensures swivelling of all wheels through a full range of 360 degrees. Lightweight design and a unique system of travel allow movement even on extremely steep slopes up to 55° tilt. The company has a sales network of more than 50 countries worldwide.



In 2015, DVORAK – svahove sekacky Ltd. bought for its factory in Pohled near Havlíèkùv Brod the CNC Vanad KOMPAKT Laser cutting machine equipped with 2 kW laser source. We asked the production manager Mr. Bohumír Kuboušek about the experience with its operation.

Mr. Kuboušek, how often do you use the machine in the production of your mowers?

"The machine operates in two shifts five days a week, now in the middle of the season up to 85 hours a week."

Which parts of your mowers do you cut on this machine?

"We cut all supporting stones of our mowers on the Vanad laser, all components from plate, the entire base, all carrying components."

Which materials and thicknesses predominate?

"We cut on the laser mainly aluminum up to the thickness of 5 mm (60%), structural steel and stainless steel up to 8 mm (40%). We use cutting by compressed air, which significantly reduces operating costs. Compressed air is used not only for cutting of all aluminum components, also for thinner sheets of structural steel. Vanad company also supplied a suitable extraction and filter unit with explosion-proof."

How would you evaluate the operation and maintenance of the laser from Vanad?

"The operator managed the machine operation during a very short period of time, user is guided by the control system, machine control is very simple, and everyone is able to manage it. Regarding maintenance costs, I know from our operators that the machine is almost maintenance-free, actually I don´t know about any costs, they are probably negligible even though the machine works more than 16 hours a day."

What do you appreciate the most about this machine?

"Formerly, we outsourced the manufacturing of components from sheet metal to subcontractors, purchase of our own laser cutting machine dropped the production costs of the sheet metal components by more than half. Production of Spider mowers is growing annually by 30%, we are an innovative company, and our mowers are constantly evolving.

For this reason also our developers use the KOMPAKT Laser machine one to two hours a day. Our own laser cutting machine allows us to respond more quickly to customer demands, new ideas and improvements can be immediately tested, and there is no delay in the delivery time. Operators have fun on work with a modern technology, it is creative and very variable, they constantly learn, and move on every day."

What was the main reason for buying a laser cutting machine right from Vanad?

"Before purchasing a laser cutting machine, we organized a tender. An important fact was that Vanad company is a Czech company and is headquartered nearby in Golèùv Jeníkov. The biggest difference between suppliers was the way of communication, we appreciate the effort of Vanad representatives to maximally comply with our wishes. Our relations are rather friendly than purely business today."

The costs for the purchase of the machine return to DVORAK – svahové sekacky Ltd.  within two years of operation. Vanad has delivered the machine as a complete cutting station; beside the KOMPAKT Laser cutting machine was also supplied an adequate filter unit with explosion-proof and a suitable compressor. The order was implemented on “turnkey basis”.

More information about the Vanad KOMPAKT Laser machine and models of SPIDER mowers from DVORAK – svahove sekacky Ltd.

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser

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