Kjellberg Smart Focus

The plasma systems of the Smart Focus series achieve excellent results in the cutting range from 1 to 80 mm. Even under the most demanding conditions, we can achieve the highest quality and cutting speed. All Smart Focus units are equipped with the proven Contour Cut technology for cutting structural steel. All Smart Focus systems can also be used for marking of materials.

Smart Focus 130:   cutting current 35-130 A, cutting range 1 - 40 mm,
                               piercing up to 25 mm, plasma gases O2, Ar/H2, N2, air

Smart Focus 200:   cutting current 35-200 A, cutting range 1 - 60 mm,
                               piercing up to 30 mm, plasma gases O2, Ar/H2, N2, air

Smart Focus 300:   cutting current 35-300 A, cutting range 1 - 80 mm,
                               piercing up to 40 mm, plasma gases O2, Ar/H2, N2, air

Smart Focus 400:   cutting current 35-400 A, cutting range 1 - 100 mm,
                               piercing up to 50 mm, plasma gases O2, Ar/H2, N2, air

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