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With CNC has creativity no limits

Vanad CNC cutting machines are used not only in industry

"Creativity has no limits" is the motto of Ms Ulrike Mühlehner who has grounded a company specialized in indoor and outdoor decorations in Bavaria (Germany) years ago.

Her decorations attract a great deal of attention, as their models are often of nature, passion and love for decoration. Particular value is placed on their precise craftsmanship and exceptional design. The main material used is often metal.

Vanad KOMPAKT LightAn important part in the workshop of Ms Mühlehner's company „grenzenlos kreativ Hofladen" became the 1.5 x 3 m big CNC KOMPAKT Light cutting machine from the Czech company Vanad with the Hypertherm Powermax 65 plasma source in 2016. This machine is also equipped with a unit for cutting of thin metal sheets.

Ms Mühlehner gave us a short interview:

1. How long has your company existed, Ms Mühlehner?
"It was created 12 years ago. My hobby has always been to make extraordinary decorations. I was unemployed at that time and my husband has been very supportive of my intention to turn my hobby into a business. Right in the first year, the idea was born to make "rust" sculptures which became very modern at that time."

A fence in the park2. Who are your main customers?
"Mainly private people who want to redesign or decorate their house and its outdoor facilities (for example, a new fence protecting privacy, exceptional lighting, etc.), but also hotels, restaurants, municipalities or park providers from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as some from Italy."

3. Where do you draw your ideas from, what is your main inspiration?
"The inspiration comes mostly in free time during travelling, e.g. when hiking or bike riding. Of course, we make sure that our decoration items meet preferences and interests of our customers."

Ms Ulrike Mühlehner from Kirchdorf im Wald in Bavaria makes unique decorations. Vanad KOMPAKT Light helps her.

A draft of a decoration4. How do your designs arise?
"At the beginning is an idea, a pencil and a sheet of paper. The sketch is then transferred into the CAD program, and if the dimensions match, we transfer the program into the WRykRys - software for preparation of cutting plans. When we plan a decorative object we talk extensively with the customer at the beginning to make it personal and individual."

5. Does the WRykRys - software, provided by Vanad together with the cutting machine, meet your needs?
"Absolutely, it is very simple and practical."

Finished sculpture6. What materials do you use for your decorative products?
"Wood, steel, glass, felt, fabric and stone are combined. On the Vanad machine, we mainly cut 1 - 6 mm (max 12 mm) thick sheets of mild steel and CORTEN steel, which gets a patina like copper, less stainless steel."

7. How did it happen that you have decided on a cutting machine by the Czech company Vanad?
"The decision was preceded by a story. In our workshop we had an old, smaller CNC cutting machine that was no longer enough for us. We wanted to expand our range of products and needed a new one. Together with my husband we visited several CNC cutting machine suppliers. But first, we sent out various cutting programs that intentionally included bugs, so we knew they would not work. The Vanad employees were the only ones who honestly replied that the cut parts can not be cut in that way. All other companies claimed it could work. For me, this was the first indication that this company was dealing with the issue that was the crux of the matter for our first visit in Vanad. The welcome of Vanad people, the company technical center, the cleanliness inside and outside the company and the fact that none of our questions stayed unanswered convinced us. The machine has been in operation for almost two years now, I know it was the right decision."

"The Vanad machine convinced me; it completely meets my requirements," says Ulrike Mühlehner.

8. How would you evaluate your experience with the KOMPAKT Light machine?
"The machine convinced me; it completely meets my requirements, and thanks to the machine I even discovered possibilities that I did not know before."

9. What do you value most about the machine?
"It gave me space for new possibilities: the precision of cutting allows us to cut very fine contours, which was not possible with our old machine, now I can make larger sculptures. Working with already created cutting programs is quite simple due to the database in the machine, I can use the old programs anytime and adjust them. Regarding technical features: I often work with rust, so it is very important that the guide elements are housed on the machine axes and the machine can be easily kept clean. Other strengths include simple and feasible control, Vanad has also delivered a filter unit. Its control is integrated in the control system of the machine. We hope that it will be possible to equip our machine with an additional device that will allow us to work with colours or more precisely phosphor colours. The B&R control system is flexible, hopefully it will succeed."

10. What is your experience with Vanad in general?
"For me as a German was a huge plus that we can communicate in German. Vanad people are friendly and always helpful, the warmth in the house and the Vanad philosophy of working with students - the customers of tomorrow - is fascinating. I can say it in one word: that's perfect for me."

Decorations by Ms. Ulrike Mühlehner from Kirchdorf im Wald in Bavaria are unique and deserve your attention. Vanad is pleased to have a nice and satisfied customer in Bavaria, whom Vanad CNC cutting machine has brought new possibilities for her work. You can find more at www.grenzenlos-kreativ-hofladen.de and under KOMPAKT and KOMPAKT Light.

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