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Vanad CNC machines? Best individual solutions

Automation of manufacturing processes is a continuing trend across all industries. The use of computer technology has a major influence on labor productivity. Automated actions can be performed faster, more accurately and with maximum reliability. The advantage of CNC machines is maximum flexibility: the manufacturing program can be easily and quickly changed; thus, production becomes more productive and efficient. The products have high quality and maximum precision. This lowers the requirements for the operator qualifications. CNC machine operators can control multiple machines simultaneously. Thanks to automation, errors and down time caused by the human factor are eliminated.

Use of CNC technology

  • machine tools
  • forming machines
  • equipment for thermal cutting of materials
  • welding machines
  • coating technology
  • handling equipment

We are experts for CNC machines with long-standing experienceContact us, and we will create a quotation exactly for your manufacturing programme.

Vanad – bearer of development in thermal cutting

Since 1994, we have been producing high-performance CNC machines of modern construction for shape cutting of materials with oxy-fuel, the latest plasma technology and fiber laser. We continue in the over 40 years long history of manufacturing cutting machines in former Czechoslovakia. Our team of developers suggest solutions according to your production needs.

For instance, if you need to supply a cut part with a bevel for subsequent welding, it is good to consider a machine which allows the addition of special technologies, such as 3D automatic or three-torch cutting head. The machines can be equipped with RotCUT, a device for tube and profile processing, micro-punching marking unit, pneumatic drilling and milling unit and the like.

Díly zhotovené na CNC stroji Vanad Díly zhotovené na CNC stroji Vanad

Use of our machines

Vanad CNC machines allow for the processing of all common available materialsdestined for oxy-fuel, plasma and laser cutting. Laser machines can process metal and non-metal materials such as mica plates, HSS sheets, klingerit, mirelon, polyethylene foam, anti-vibration rubber sheets, cardboard, cork, brass, bronze, copper and tar paper sheets. Products manufactured on our machines have wide application in mechanical andelectrical engineering, food processing, chemical and mining industry, civil engineering and agriculture (electron microscopes, slope mowers, boilers, furniture, heat elements, chimneys, elevators, agricultural machinery, mining equipment, railway wagons, ships, airplanes, construction of bridges and buildings, equipment for the energy production from renewable sources, or military equipment etc.). An interesting feature is the use of Vanad machines for the production of art and decorative items.

Navrhneme vám optimální CNC stroj Vanad

What are the Vanad machines like?

They are distinguished by their simple operation, easy data preparation along with the high durability, excellent dynamics, maximum accuracy of the portal and cutting units guiding with high quality wiping process of the guiding surface. These are the properties which predetermine Vanad machines for utilisation within highly demanding operations with maximum requirements regarding the productivity of the cutting process and cut part quality. These are the characteristics which make Vanad the right partner for your business.

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We are a Czech manufacturer of high-performance CNC machines. Together with the complete cutting technology, we also provide reliable and quick service of CNC cutting machines and plasma and laser systems.

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