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CNC machines. Why they are indispensable in the industry?

CNC machines VANADCNC machines are no longer used only for machining or drilling. Today they are an integral part of engineering and contribute significantly to the economic development of every industrial country. They are used for production of consumer goods and important for the functioning of other machines - food and textile machinery, electric turbines and the like.

Development of CNC machines

With the development of society come increased demands on the quality of the machinery. The aim is to produce cheaper, faster and with better quality. One way to achieve these goals is the automation of manufacturing processes. Unlike machines controlled manually or NC machines, automated machines should operate in unattended operation. Therefore CNC machines are primarily deployed into automated production systems. This achieves a reduction of production costs while maintaining high performance even in small-series and single unit production.

Other advantages of modern CNC machines include:

  • Made components can be flexibly adjusted.

  • All functions of the machine are done solely via machine control system.

  • High reliability allows the use of machines in three-shift operation.

  • There is a significant reduction of downtime.

CNC machine Vanad CNC machine Vanad

Types of CNC machines

VanadCNC machines can be classified into several groups according to various criteria. Vanad manufactures CNC machines for thermal cutting of materials that enable the production of semi-finished products from metal and non-metal materials intended for wide use in industry and electrical engineering.

Vanad machines can be classified e.g.:

According to the construction type:

  • modular - The portal contain undercarriage, track, arm, stiffener and control system. Some gantry machines allow fitting with up to 10 cutting units - the Vanad BLUESTER, the Vanad PROXIMA, the Vanad SUPREMA, the Vanad MIRA and the Vanad ARENA. A variant are the machines on the boom principle the Vanad MIRON and the Vanad MIRON Laser.
  • compact - The machine track is firmly conjoined with the extraction table. The machine is delivered to the customer as a comprehensive cutting station. Examples are the Vanad KOMPAKT, the Vanad KOMPAKT Laser and the Vanad MIRON Laser.

According to technologies used during thermal cutting of materials:

Vanad a.s.We have outlined the classification of the Vanad cutting machines, produced by a Czech manufacturer which specializes in the high performance CNC machines for thermal cutting of materials. Select a suitable CNC machine not only based on price but first of all according to the quality of treatment and services, which the manufacturer offers (training, spare parts and consumables, after-guarantee service). Perceive the CNC machine as an investment that will provide faster, better and cheaper production for many years. Vanad has maintained a reliable partnership for its customers for 22 years already.

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