Vanad KOMPAKT Laser for the fastest, as well as very economic cutting

The CNC machine Vanad KOMPAKT Laser enables extremely precise, fast and highly efficient thermal cutting of materials. Its design makes it suitable for use in small, medium-sized and large operations or for pre-production series.

The focused beam of the fiber laser cuts metallic and non-metallic materials of ordinary formats such as mica plates, HSS sheets, klingerit, mirelon, polyethylene foam, anti-vibration rubber, cardboard, cork, brass, bronze, copper, corrugated cardboard and tar paper

Thanks to minimal kerf and low heat influence of material, the highly focused laser beam allows for the common line cutting of the material.

You can choose from a large number of supplementary fittings in our leaflet below.

Features of the CNC machine KOMPAKT Laser:

  • The fiber laser is the most preferable laser of all types. Its endurance is astounding up to 100 000 hours.
  • Although it has the same efficiency as CO2 laser, its energy consumption is significantly lower - you save on operating costs.
  • It is easy to assemble and handle thanks to its solid construction.
  • It also manages a precise cutting of complex shapes.

Laser cutting was never easier. The machine Vanad KOMPAKT Laser is equipped, even in its standard version, with a camera for the monitoring of cutting on a separate monitor. For more safety, the machine is also fitted with automatic roller blinds and a protective filter (sight glass) of A4/A3 size.

Look how accurately the Vanad KOMPAKT Laser cuts

Standard equipment Optional equipment                 
  • Laser pointer                 
  • Flexible energy chains in all axes 
  • Transfer of cutting data via the LAN network, Wi-Fi or USB
  • Reliable B&R control system
  • Laser marking unit
  • Capacity control of the height of the cutting head
  • Controlled piercing for longer lifetime of costumables
  • Own anti-collision head system
  • Protective filter – 1 sight glass of A4/A3 size
  • Camera for monitoring of the cutting and its display on a separate monitor      
  • Manually extendable grid  
  • Sectional extraction of the material table
  • Safety light curtain around the extended grid              
  • Conveyor belt
  • Electrically controlled sliding grid
  • Two hydraulically exchangeable grids for minimisation of the preparation time 
  • Large size side windows
  • CAD/CAM software for the preparation of cutting data
  • Protective bellows on all axes
  • Cleaning of nozzle
  • Remote control
  • RotCUT device for tube and profile processing                                 

Acquire the modern cutting workplace.

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser + RotCUTThe KOMPAKT Laser is equipped with a well- proven control system developed in cooperation with B&R automation. The software that controls the cutting workplace Vanad allows achievement of great results for both beginners and experienced professionals who can appreciate its sophistication. The CNC machine KOMPAKT Laser can be delivered both separately and as part of an all-embracing  prime quality cutting workplace. Together with the fiber laser we can also deliver you consumables for laser cutting, a compressor for the supply of the compressed air, including its treatment for laser cutting and an extraction and filter system for the exhaust of smoke and fumes.

The B&R control system is used also for the CNC machine Vanad MIRON Laser, which is easy to handle and enables accurate laser marking and cutting.

Vanad Laser machinesLeaflet with technical information about VANAD laser machines download here.

Fotogallery Vanad KOPAKT Laser

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser B&R 15/30


Vanad KOMPAKT Laser B&R 20/60

Vanad KOMPAKT Laser B&R 15/30

KOMPAKT Laser 15x30

KOMPAKT Laser 20x60

KOMPAKT Laser 15x30

KOMPAKT Laser 20x60

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